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TNT Remote Wildlife Calls allow you to become an expert caller with just the push of a button! We offer 4 remotes, one each for Turkey, Predators, Deer, and Waterfowl. Each remote has 6 pre-recorded calls that bring the game to you, and with the additional 3 re-recordable buttons, you can call anything! Record raccoon calls, bobcat calls, squirrel calls, wild hog calls, quail calls...and then use the 360º sound of the base unit to send your call out in all directions and bring them running! The remotes operate 125 ft from the base unit, meaning you are well away from the call and ready to ambush!


How Did We Get Here ?

It all started with an October evening bow hunt.

Ask any bow hunter about the monster buck we all want to hang on the wall. When we head to the woods some of us pray about it, some of us expect it, some of us just know it’s going to happen. But when the monster buck of a lifetime crosses your path first your heart jumps about 3 foot out of your chest, your pulse hits a record high, and more than likely if a doctor took your blood pressure at that moment they would have you hauled to the ER on the spot.

And that is what got us here.

Several years ago I was out for a evening bow hunt, hanging about 15 foot off the ground, hooked to the side of a big oak tree with bow in hand. It was what I consider to be prime time, the last hour and a half before dark, when all the monsters come out for a cruise thru the woods. The tree I was in was about 25 yards downhill from the top of a ridge where the deer usually crossed at 15 yards from the top of the ridge.

I was set up for maybe a 15 yard shot.

I was in the stand about 45 minutes when off to the back of my right shoulder I could hear something moving very slow in the woods. The 3 or 4 minutes it took for this monster to come into my site seemed like 3 or 4 days. Turning my head to the right as slow as I possibly could to not get busted by this monster I was able to count 14 points on his head. He was about 20 yards to my right at the same distance down from the top of the ridge as I was. I only needed him to go about another 10 yards so I could turn to the right and get the shot of a lifetime, I’m pretty sure he could hear my heart beat. As he started in the direction I needed him to, just over the ridge a coyote gave a yelp and the big guy paused.

He stood there for what seemed to be hours and as if he had a thought, I really don’t have to go that way, and that is just what he did. He slowly turned around and headed back the same way he had came from. By the time he was far enough for me to turn and get the shot we were separated by a mess of honeysuckle bush. I could of taken a shot but you just don’t take a chance on wounding a trophy like that, so I let him walk figuring we would meet there again.

That day never came and I never saw him again. I don’t really know how many times I relived that moment, I’m sure I can’t count that high anyway. And that is when it hit me, what if I had a way to make a sound that would have caused him to turn and give me the shot I needed.

So I started with doing blue prints, getting mold prices, and talking to patent attorneys. I had not done my homework on how to protect my ideas even from the attorneys. Eight months later I saw my call in a catalog, and there was nothing I could do about it. Now I realize they did me a favor, back to the drawing board. Along with a couple of partners we developed a call that far surpassed the first one, and yes I did my homework this time. Not being born into the Goldwater family made me realize that I had to come up with a call that most hunters could afford not just a few. I spent several years recording live animal sounds and then renting a sound studio to refine the sounds. I figured the best chance I had to call in any critter I wanted to hunt was to speak their language, at their decibel level. And that is just what we did. I then contacted an electronics plant in St. Peters, MO...if I couldn’t have an American made product I didn’t want any. I made the right choice when I put in a call to Neeco-Tron. They had the knowledge and ability to do everything I wanted.

Gus Loness2

So here we are today with what we at TnT feel is the Cadillac of calls, with the ability to call any animal in the world that will respond to a call, and you don’t need to take a loan from your bank to own one. From here on I will hunt the monsters and I will speak their language.



Gus Loness | Owner | TNT Calls

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